Welcome to the Agricultural Cooperative Of Zakros

Welcome to the new website of the Agricultural Cooperative Zakros. Through these pages, we will try to make known perhaps the most essential and pure product for human consumption which is olive oil. Through our pages you can also be informed about our cooperative's news, our products, quality, quantity, and information about the project and our activities. The Agricultural Cooperative Zakros, drawing on his experience of its founding in 1936 until today has shown great work and action on the cultivation of olives and the rational use of agricultural fertilizers so our output to be compatible with sustainable agriculture. Meanwhile, the Association has contributed to the economy of our country, as a pillar of growth, since almost all of the local residents as olive oil producers, engaged in the cultivation of olive trees .. Driven by tradition, the knowledge we learned from the oldest about the care and the secrets of our olive groves - with respect to the farmer who toil and struggle for survival and for the quality of its product, but also target the consumer, we are proud and with a heavy sense of responsibility, know that we produce one of the best virgin olive oils in the world.

The president of Agricultural Cooperative Of Zakros
Vasilis Katsikalakis


Minoan Land
The roads of olive oil have been engraved by the Minoans , they have crossed Greece, ended up on the coast of the Mediterranean and gave us the value of olive.
Olive oil and Health
Over the years olive oil has been used daily as an oily substance necessary for the nutritional value for the human body.
The gastronomical culture of the region is connected to religion, the folk tradition where olive oil is the bleessed holybread